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Our Story

Our story began in 1983 when Kiera D. Laike, IRW, remembered her soul essence abilities to see beyond the blinding of recorded human history. What she saw was so intense and the grief so heavy, that she spent the next 10 years of her life grieving for what humans had lost. We had lost our ability to bring into body the essence of our souls. Develop as energetic sensing beings via the body's ability to organize photon light structures. Kiera worked daily for a decade to bring into form something that could assist us, as humans, to return to our physical ability to house complex photon light structure our soul essence within the containers of the biophoton light of our body.

In 1995, Kiera founded the Bio Self-Emergence Institute to begin teaching the Energetic Developmental Stages of Humans. As Kiera taught, it became evident that most would need more than the developmental stages, so she created Embodied Practice, Pulse Practice, and Practitioner Certification trainings. All of this merged into the creation of the infinitely complex structure of Sensology and the founding of the Sensology Institute.

To heal the whole being at a cellular, biological and neurological level, Kiera developed the theory of Sensology. The theory is based on the core belief that humans are energetic, sensing beings. Sensology understands that we must first know that the soul creates the body to develop mechanisms of connection.

From the theory of Sensology, Kiera developed Embodied Practice. Over thousands and thousands of years of our evolution, most of us have lost our abilities to listen, respond, sense, and speak the energetic language of the pulse fields of universe. Just like traveling to an unknown part of the world, communicating in the energetic realm is difficult at first. Embodied Practice was created to rebuild our internal guidance structures to become sensing energetic beings, connect with their soul essence and eventually experience the ultimate life fulfillment; dance in reflective relationship within ourselves, with others, and with nature.

Sensology Institute clients receive healing for a full range of life circumstances including anxiety, self-doubt, depression, relationships, eating disorders, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and more. The Institute has earned respect and collaboration from top oncologists in Michigan.

Our Knowing

Over time, humans have become walled into a cognitive linear abyss, separating us from the inner mechanisms of our human DNA's energetic evolution. These inner mechanisms of connection would support our evolution into the energetic and sensing beings we are. Without these mechanisms, our evolution is at risk. This abyss causes many of us to lose connection and, with our purpose eluding us, we are left ever searching, feeling empty, mentally and emotionally restless, wandering and ill.

Humans are energetic beings, coded from photon light, and we formed to have an experience through our bioelectric body. This vibratory bioelectric experience, miraculous and complicated, enables humans to be in communication with natureís pulse fields.

Through Embodied Practice, pulse communication awakens and rebuilds lost connections in the human body, pulse fields of the Earth and Sky, and the structure and functions of our human vortexes. Once awakened, our sensing begins to grow strong and whispers the way out of the human abyss. We no longer connect within and with others through the abyssís distorting mirrors. Instead, when in pulse communication we are able to heal and create life-long fulfillment and wellness.

Our Aim

Our aim is to return humans to their sensing nature of being, organized through their unique soul essence within the containers of the body. We are accomplishing this through the teachings of the soul-oriented Embodied Practice and Pulse Practice, providing training programs, information, and daily life support.

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