Becoming a Certified Energetic Developmental Practitioner/Mentor (CDM)

To the Trainee:

I am with you, for your awakening to the evolution of the human race. Becoming a Certified Energetic Developmental Practitioner/Mentor will move you beyond that which you believed possible.

Kiera D. Laike, IRW

The CDM program certifies trainees to provide mentor sessions and support for the energetic development, improved health, emotional life and soul connection of those listening to the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages.

The CDM training program brings an in-depth knowledge about each of the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages. Trainees are taught to further their own energetic development, allowing them to utilize field transfer with mentees. Trainees learn the core energetic structures of Stages 01-07 and how to field transfer them during sessions and energy adjustments.

Trainees receive online access to two training manuals and practice voice files (MP3s).

Certified Energetic Developmental Practitioner/Mentor (CDM) Prerequisites
  • Completion of the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages
    Note: Those who are still completing the 13 Stages may, upon teacher approval, enter training after completing Stages 01-07.
Certification Requirements
  • Complete 40 hours of training on the Developmental Stages (20 classes, 2 hours each).
  • Demonstrate ability to use field transfer for Stage sessions.
  • Keep a journal on experiences and progress while re-listening to the Developmental Stages.
  • Receive three individual sessions with Kiera D. Laike, IRW on trainee’s energetic development within the Stages.
  • Receive seven supervision sessions with Kiera D. Laike, IRW on trainee’s direct work with mentees.
  • Maintain a daily Sensology practice.
  • Demonstrate presence of Stage structures in daily life.
  • Contract under the Sensology Institute to provide Stage sessions.

    As human evolution has been hidden for so long, all mentors attend an ongoing supervision group provided for under the contract.
Cost = $4,200.00 (Fee includes the 40 hours of training and 10 sessions with Kiera D. Laike, IRW.

A payment plan is available for four payments of $1,050. The first payment of $1,050 is expected upon registration and the following three throughout the duration of the course.

Certified Energetic Development Mentors - Provisional

Upon completion of the above, trainees are granted a Provisional Certification status. At this point in their training, mentors choose one of two tracks to complete their certification.

CDM Training will begin in early 2020, official dates TBA. Click here to register for the training email list to receive CDM Training updates and resources.

CDM Certification: Track 01
When one’s soul knows it is for them to be intimately a part of and connected to Sensology (energetic development), one chooses Track 01.

Sensology Institute offers a contractual agreement with the trainee. The agreement offers
  • Website presence
  • Cross referrals
  • Online scheduling
  • Email
  • Monthly supervision at no cost
  • Mentee payments via website
  • Certified mentors receive a monthly check from Sensology Institute for the contracted fee split. Split begins at 40%, once fully certified it moves to 60%.
Cost = Internship and supervision paid by the Sensology Institute.

CDM Certification: Track 02
When one knows their personal path would be to contract to operate independently, once fully certified, one chooses Track 02.

Practitioner/Mentor Supervision: 24 hoursCost = $1,080 (expected in payments of $90/month)
Practitioner/Mentor Internship: 24 hours*Cost = $1,080 (expected in payments of $90 every 2 weeks)
*Scheduled in 50 min. meetings every two weeks

TOTAL 48 hours supervision/internshipCost = $2,160

Certified Sensology Practice Teacher (SPT)

  • Completion of seven of the 13 Energetic Developmental Stages
  • Attendance at Sensology Basic Practice in person, or completion of online Basic Practice course
Certification Requirements
  • Complete 42 hours of Teacher Training on how to present and teach all PowerPoints for Basic Practice Class and the 6 coinciding targeted Practice Tracks: Life Movement Practice, Sports Practice, Pulse Affinity with Diet, Pulse Parenting, Pulse Business Practice, and Evolve Out of Addictions.
  • Complete a 10-hour course on energetic support of clients in practice.
  • Receive three individual sessions with Kiera D. Laike, IRW.
  • Maintain a daily Sensology practice.
  • Contract to teach, including a royalty fee for use of course materials used: PowerPoints, voice files, and PDF handouts.
Cost = $4,300.00 (Fee includes all certification requirements as listed above.)

Teachers receive:
  • All Sensology classes in PowerPoint form
  • All practices recorded to play during teaching
  • All PDF class modules in handout form

Certified Sensology Field Therapist (SFT)

  • Certified Energetic Development Practitioner/Mentor (CDM)
  • Certified Sensology Practice Teacher (SPT)
Certification Requirements
  • Completion of 100 hours of course work
  • Provide 50 Sensology sessions to clients and receive supervision on each from Kiera D. Laike IRW.
Cost = $15,000.00 (2-year program)

Sensology Field Therapist Training teaches each trainee the field strength and structures which each client needs in order to follow the Sensology Maps (Protocols).