Sponsor a Workshop

  1. Contact Kiera Donna Laike, IRW at 248-320-1938 to schedule workshop dates and discuss workshop offerings. For planning, this is best done at least 2 months in advance of the date of workshop.
  2. Schedule this Workshop Introduction if you feel the audience is there. Workshop Introduction: A two hour Introductory Lecture on Soul Orientation and Embodied Practice experience will be offered. The sponsor of the workshop can schedule the introductory lecture before the workshop. The purpose of this lecture is to awaken people to Soul Orientation. Usually scheduled for the evening before the workshop (fee: donation).
  3. Workshop Title: Soul Orientation: The Dance of Reflective Relationship. Workshop is 5 hours in length. Schedule for morning, afternoon, or evening, whichever works best for sponsor and participants. Cost: $95. (Note: some workshops are 4 hours in length and will cost $85)
  4. Workshop Content: Participants will have an experience of these Principles of Soul Orientation:
    • Container dictates what is created. Example: Gravity dictates how the planets form.
    • On earth as a container, things are created through the sequence of 4x4 to infinity. Simple wonder, so complicated, attend the workshop for the experience.
    • Point of origin, must be seen, before movement or a path of change can be implemented. We must possess the sight to see where we are, before we can move out of it.
    • Element activation dictates the containers of flow. Example: Earthen inner banks must be in place for a river to flow. The river flows and makes the river banks. Activation and dynamic interchanging process.
    • Emergence always moves through structures. Example: The human body emerges from the lining up of chromosomes.
    • Reflective movement. All movement sets something in motion. This is explained through Newton’s laws of motion.
    • What science has labeled "Dark Matter" (and we understand as Dark Energy) forms the web of the Universe, from which all matter pulses in and out. Therefore, there are no absolutes in the Universe, only experience in container, pulsing in and out through reflective relationship.
  5. Preregistration will be handled online through this web site. The workshop fee is $95 per participant.
  6. Preregister for an individual session with Kiera D. Laike, IRW on this web site. Cost is $280 for 50 minutes.
  7. Sponsor responsibilities:
    • Locate and secure space for lecture and weekend workshop, paid for by the Sensology Institute.
    • Run provided advertisement in local alternative web media, paid for by The Sensology Institute.
    • Post provided fliers and post cards (provided by the Sensology Institute) at local stores and centers of interest.
  8. Sponsor receives:
    • Attendance at workshop at no charge.
    • A one hour, in-person session at no charge.