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We emerged in communication with Earth and Sky through our soul essence . Let us return to it. - K. Laike

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Children's Classes Price: $ 10.00
Basic Embodied Practice
  • Learn to use your vortexes for use in day-to-day life, including how to release the energy at the root of painful emotions and relationships.
  • Learn energetic abilities to create what you want.
  • Learn the skills to stay grounded and calm.
In this class, we find the *on switch* to activate your personal energy flow and soul essence communication, coded in the vortexes of the body, coupled with a beginning understanding of how the 13 Energetic Stages of Humans factor into being in body. Purchase, and begin your embodied journey today.

Embodied Practice is a non-religious active practice. No previous meditation practice experience is necessary.

Note that this is a purchase of all 7 classes.
Price: $ 200
Embodied Practice Health and Optimum Weight
In this class, participants will be taught a practice to work through their hypothalamus pituitary axis to balance hormones, thyroid and neurotransmitters. Through my understanding that all body functions first respond to photon light, one is able to gain control over biological processes that in the past could only be learned to control through decades of meditation. Gain personal empowerment on a true level control over self in the body.

Note that this is a purchase of all 7 classes.
Price: $ 200
Embodied Practice Health and Optimum Weight - Class 1 Only
Price: $ 15
Embodied Practice Health and Optimum Weight - Classes 2 through 7
Price: $ 185
Embodied Sports Practice
Introducing an active, movement oriented practice to support athletes of all ages achieving peak performance, achieved via point of origin of contained energy within the body.
    Elements of Peak Performance:
  • Own the mechanism of moving through an interactive flow between the inside and outside of us.
  • Muscle fiber conditioning - strength, ability, to utilize ATP.
  • Fast twitch muscle fibers, in balanced function with slow twitch, supported by the powerhouse muscles in the back.
  • Using sensing in the body to know opponent movements on body level and respond.
  • Mitochondria ability in the body to switch from sugar burning to fat burning.
  • Emotional mastery during game play.
Students will learn movement and element practices that correspond to activation core and muscle groups involved in different sports. The Sports Practice is the first of its kind and is beyond words. Come and experience the magic of embodied movement.

Note that this is a purchase of all 7 classes.
Price: $ 200